Welcome to African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe!

A number of top professional African women can be found across Europe in big and not so big corporations. Some of these women have achieved the recognition of their peers but others are not visible at all in their domain of expertise and therefore are not recognised for their contribution and their potential. Other women have started their own successful businesses and have achieved a lot but are still unnoticed.

This forum is about giving you, professional African women in Europe, a platform to discuss about your aspirations, the successes you had but also the challenges that are preventing you to reach your desired goals. You also are welcome to share ideas about what you feel you would like to contribute to Africa development.

The African Diaspora Professional Women in Europe aim is to :
Celebrate the success of African Women in Europe
– Give the visibility to African Women who have achieved phenomenal success but are still unknown
Inspire the new generation of African Women & share ideas to fulfil their potential
Contribute to Africa rebranding & development by identifying opportunities to transfer the vast amount of knowledge gained in Europe

Your contribution is valued. So join in and invite friends, colleagues and acquaintance that would be interested.

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